EA announces a new trial run allowing users to play a plethora of its 2023 games catalogue, including Dead Space and Wild Hearts, for just $1.

New EA Play Trial Offers Dead Space and Wild Hearts for $1

Electronic Arts (EA) is providing gamers with an exciting incentive to explore its 2023 games catalogue with a fresh EA Play trial. The trial allows you unlimited access to many games under the EA banner for an entire month for a minimal charge of 79p or $0.99. This offer is open to anyone, whether you're a new member or returning subscriber, and will be available until this coming Friday.

Within the 30-days access, you'll get a chance to play some newly added games like Dead Space and Wild Hearts. You can head over to the PlayStation (PS) Store now to claim your month's access. However, one notable title you won't be able to play just yet is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which expected to debut on EA Play in about six months from now. Despite this, there is a multitude of EA Play games to explore on PS5 and PS4.

The addition of Dead Space, the survival horror remake to the EA Play roster, has created quite a stir among the gaming community. In our review, the game scored a solid 8/10 for the seamless blend of its undiluted core experience and innovative new story arcs, expanded areas, and extraordinary atmosphere. In essence, EA Motive, the developers, have enhanced the original game with fresh elements and additional mechanics, bringing to life the creators' vision from 15 years ago.

Wild Hearts has also gathered positive reviews, with this exciting Monster Hunter alternative scoring an 8/10 in our book. With its engaging combat style, ingeniously designed monsters, and immersive multiplayer experience, Wild Hearts is a game that keeps players hooked. The thrill of making a timely dodge or taking down a formidable foe with a last-minute, daring attack is exhilarating, and keeps players coming back for more.

These games are accessible thanks to the limited-time offer by EA. The offer is an excellent opportunity for players to delve into the wide range of games in the EA Play catalogue for less than a dollar. This trial facilitates a deep dive into the exciting worlds created by EA, from survival horror to thrilling monster hunts. It is a rare and valuable opportunity gaming enthusiasts shouldn't miss.

Apart from these two top-tier games, there are many more EA Play games that gamers can explore on PS5 and PS4. It is a golden chance for not only brand-new members and returning subscribers but also for anyone who wants to delve into the exhilarating realm of gaming that EA offers.

You just need to go to the PS Store to grab this offer before it ends on Friday. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore and enjoy the world of EA Play games for an entire month at a nominal charge. All you need to do is take the significant and worthwhile step of getting online and playing. Don’t miss out on this incredible limited-time offer. The gaming world awaits.

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