PlaySide Studios released a Halloween Haunt Event for their mobile game Dumb Ways to Die, offering limited-time activities and a new YouTube video series to celebrate Halloween.

Dumb Ways to Die Halloween Haunt Event Unveiled

Just in time for Halloween, the well-loved mobile game Dumb Ways to Die by PlaySide Studios received a spooky update filled with ghoulish delight. The developers have rolled out a Halloween Haunt event complete with limited-time activities that will have players beaming with excitement as they navigate their favourite characters through the grisly celebration. Adding to the thrill, an accompanying short video series has been launched on the game's official YouTube channel.

Both the original Dumb Ways to Die and its sequel, Dumb Ways to Die 4, are getting wrapped up in the ghostly hype. The first game is transformed with a miraculous haunting revamp, while the subsequent title delivers players with an array of new mini-games. These additions guarantee an amusingly terrifying experience where players must outsmart ghosts, piece together skeletons, and elude perilous threats.

To complement the Halloween event, a unique mini-series has taken residence on the game's YouTube channel. Bursting with humorous new stories, these videos delve into the entertaining escapades that the Beans, beloved characters, have undergone. The clips even indulge in the history of the Beans and their entertaining antics, promising a combination of lore development mixed with lighthearted humour.

The series begins with the misadventures of a character named Mishap and his pet snake. The episodes that follow are devoted to the Halloween Haunt event, including nods to Clod's favourite time of year where he luxuriates in the horrific environment. The videos also hint at the classic horror film Scream, so players should stay alert for cleverly concealed Easter eggs.

Dumb Ways to Die earned considerable popularity after it sparked a frenzy on social media app TikTok. With over two billion views and more than six million followers on the platform, the game boasts a loyal fandom, a number expected to rise with the ongoing Halloween event.

The much-anticipated Halloween Haunt event for Dumb Ways to Die is set to conclude on November 1st, and a delightful extension will keep the excitement alive till November 4th for Dumb Ways to Die 4. Both versions of this whimsically eerie game are eagerly available for download, offering users an exciting journey into the spirit of Halloween season.

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