Indie game Dredge's first-ever DLC, The Pale Reach, sails into icy new adventures this November, adding frosty flair to your gameplay experience.

Ships A-Sailing All Winter: Dredge's Daring DLC Debut

Set your sea-legs on Dredge, the indie brainchild that solved our lingering at-home boredom earlier this year. But, if your sea heart doth still yearn for more ghostly vessel adventures, rejoice for finer waters are upon you, matey! "The Pale Reach" dethrones Dredge's virgin DLC crown and is set to make waves just after a month. To get a tidal wave taster, one can find the reel (or should we say, ‘reveal?’ We do love a good pun) over at the trailer bay.

Huddle up and don your thickest fur, this quest is set on icy waters. The DLC drops anchor with high promises of shivering content spanning from 1 to 3 hours, accessible at any stage of your epic escapade. As an added layer to the story, be prepared to witness a nautical paradigm shift with this expansion, adding more cooling representatives to the cabinet of the fishy and crabby species in the Dredge world. Besides, if you're tired of the same old swim around, get your hands dirty and create ship add-ons to help plough through miniscule icebergs. And if you thought the icy shenanigans stop here, behold, we now have something for the gastronomically inclined pirates. Ice blocks can now help extend the shelf-life of some of your prized hoards.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of spine-chilling new monsters. (Don't worry, no spoilers ahead!) A colossal crustacean that belongs to the crab family appearing as if it came straight out of glacial chambers and a four-legged mystery creature that's a distant cousin twice removed of the narwhal, all for your catching pleasure.

To get on this chilling adventure, mark your calendars for November 16. If you haven't ventured into the world of Dredge, fret not! The game is accessible on all major platforms. To scour exciting pearls of information about Dredge, take an oar and steer towards our episode on the GI show where legends of Team 17, Dredge's publisher, recount tales of yore. In the latest update from the sea grapevine, a wave of layoffs have been reported this week along with the stepping down of Mr. Helmsman himself, CEO Michael Pattison.

So, are you ready to steer your ship into the frosty waters of The Pale Reach? Or will your vessel set its course into warmer seas? Either way, we’re expecting an ocean full of exciting tales, so drop your anchors and spill your thoughts in the comment sea below. Ahoy, sailors! You're in for a frigid but thrilling cruise.

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