Diablo IV, ready for portable gaming as it hits Steam, verified for smooth gameplay on the Steam Deck. The renowned video game series continues with Season 2's launch.

Diablo IV to be Verified for Steam Deck with Season 2 Launch

The fourth installment of the popular Diablo video game series is ready to be taken on the go. Diablo IV is set to become part of Valve's PC platform, launching as a verified game on the highly anticipated Steam Deck. This move corresponds with the game's release from exclusive availability on Battle.net and the initialization of Season 2, aptly named Season of Blood. This thrilling continuation of the Diablo series will be live on Tuesday, October 17, offering gamers an enhanced crossplay and cross-progression support experience.

Diablo IV's verification for Steam Deck was confirmed by the game's community manager, Adam Fletcher. He addressed gamers' queries regarding the game's verification status in a tweet, ensuring players that Diablo IV would offer a seamless gaming experience on the Steam Deck, starting from the game's release.

The whole concept of Steam Deck verification is to certify that a game can run smoothly, without issues often encountered when console and traditional PC games are ported to handheld devices. Many games are playable on the Steam Deck yet lack verification, meaning they may present certain problems. However, Diablo IV is promised to offer solid gameplay on the handheld device without any hitches.

Fletcher also provided a follow-up announcement that the game would require a separate purchase on Steam, even if players already own the game on other platforms. While this is not an unusual requirement, given that Steam operates as an independent storefront with its unique business model, Fletcher's confirmation ensures there is no ambiguity regarding the purchase details.

As Season 2–Season of Blood begins, players should gear up for significant changes in Diablo IV, affecting elements like itemization, classes, and damage. These changes could potentially impact the game builds that players have grown accustomed to, adding a fresh layer of strategy and skill to the legendary video game series. Through the Steam Deck verified version of Diablo IV, players can venture into the dark world of Sanctuary, combating demonic forces and seeking victory in a tether-free, handheld gaming reality.

Eager gamers can rest assured that this innovative addition to the Diablo series is designed for player enjoyment on the Steam Deck. So, whether you're at home or on the go, Diablo IV's thrilling gameplay, enhanced by the flexibility of the Steam Deck, promises a gaming experience that will be remembered. The commencement of Season of Blood brings not only a new chapter in the Diablo saga but also a new way to play it, making this October 17 a day marked red for all Diablo fans. Prepare to dive into the deep nuances of Diablo IV on your Steam Deck next Tuesday.

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