Dead Space 3's co-producer Chuck Beaver discusses his regrets on the game's direction and how he would change it if given another opportunity.

Dead Space 3 Producer Speaks on Remake Regrets

Dead Space 3, known as the unconventional offspring of the esteemed survival horror series, carries the reputation mainly due to its slant towards being a cooperative third-person shooter. Despite its scare elements, it attracted more fear for reasons that were not intended. Recently, amid the successful launch of the Dead Space remake earlier this year, the game's writer and co-producer, Chuck Beaver, expressed a desire to overhaul Dead Space 3 almost entirely if another opportunity arose.

During his appearance on the CaptainBribo podcast, Beaver divulged that while the general atmosphere and situation appealed to him, he would prefer to revamp the entire story to revolve around a mentally shattered Isaac. Co-op playstyle would still hold its place; however, the action would be toned down. Each player would experience their unique set of creepy events, an aspect that Beaver deems to be exciting. "If we explore this remake domain, I would revamp Dead Space 3 almost from scratch, maintaining its fundamental lore and you discover, and keeping Ellie but altering her relationship with Isaac. I would like to rewrite the main storyline," he revealed.

Both CaptainBribo and Beaver understood that their conversation circled around a hypothetical scenario as it seems that the remade Dead Space version is veering towards a different path. Beaver reflects on the missteps of Dead Space 3 and pointed out, "Our plan for Dead Space 3 was to expand it into other gameplay genres. Unfortunately, this approach did not attract a new crowd; instead, it cost us our old audience. Right from the beginning, we weren't permitted to make it a horror game."

Dead Space has left its imprint in the history of gaming, sparking discussions on future instalments and possible remakes of Dead Space 2 and 3. Game director Glen Schofield appreciated the efforts of Motive for their loyal remake of the original Dead Space game, and players are speculating the directions of future remakes. Chuck Beaver's intention for a revised version of Dead Space 3 leads to questions: Are you on board with a Dead Space 3 makeover, based on Beaver's vision? Or should past games remain untouched, preserved in their original state? These intriguing prospects are open for discussion among the gaming community.

To conclude, the producer's reflective take on Dead Space 3 opens a portal of possibilities around the remake of the game. It also acts as a peek into the minds of game developers who often grapple with decisions on preserving the essence of original versions while trying to introduce innovative aspects to attract a broader audience. One can only speculate how these retrospective insights will affect the development of future remakes and new games in the overall Dead Space franchise.

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