The upcoming 2.1 update for Cyberpunk 2077 introduces a fully functional metro system, new hangouts, races, and more enhanced game features.

Cyberpunk 2077 Update Adds Functional Metro System

The immersive world of Cyberpunk 2077 is set to expand its horizons with the introduction of a highly anticipated feature: a fully functioning metro system. Next week, the 2.1 update aims to enhance the realism in the bustling urban sprawl of Night City, offering players a new and immersive way to explore the game's dystopian setting. This addition is something gamers often look for in open-world adventures and, for Cyberpunk 2077, is a nod to the transport system glimpsed in the game's 2018 cinematic trailer.

Players will no longer find mere fast travel points when visiting the metro stations scattered across Night City. The 2.1 update is bringing a total of 19 stations to life as enterable spaces where players can embark on a train journey, sharing the ride with other virtual passengers. This feature allows players to observe the city from a different perspective, as they watch the neon-lit districts zip by through the train windows.

The joy of public transport in games brings a unique layer of immersion, reminiscent of the taxi rides in Grand Theft Auto 4 or the horse-drawn carts in Skyrim. For many, the metro system will add a deeper sense of realism and interactivity within the game's environment. The developers at CD Projekt Red have teased that this might be more to the metro system than what's currently known, hinting at additional elements that could enrich the commuting experience in unexpected ways.

Beyond the metro system, the update 2.1 boasts a variety of engaging features to captivate players anew. The update will include the option to listen to the game's radio stations while on foot, which you can also enjoy while utilizing the new metro system. Additionally, motorcyclists can perform wheelies, and drivers will have the option to engage in combat with the use of throwing knives. The update is also recalibrating several boss encounters, such as the fight with Adam Smasher, to deliver a refined combat experience.

This update heralds the welcome introduction of social hangouts with romantic interests, giving players the opportunity to deepen their relationships with the game's characters. Car enthusiasts will delight in the replayable car races and adrenaline-pumping dynamic car chases triggered by antagonizing the local gangs.

Although the major update 2.0 was thought to be Cyberpunk 2077’s final transformation before the focus shifted to projects like The Witcher 4 and pre-production for a Cyberpunk sequel, this new update demonstrates CD Projekt Red's continued commitment to improve and expand the current game.

The update 2.1 isn't just about adding content—it also brings some much-needed accessibility improvements. The developers have invested time in creating a more inclusive gaming environment, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the rich narrative and intricate gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer.

The 2.0 update had laid a robust foundation, overhauling key progression systems encompassing Perks and Skills, while incorporating a more realistic police response system and expanded vehicle combat. The gaming community was geared up for the Phantom Liberty expansion with enhanced features, and yet, update 2.1 sprung up as a pleasant surprise promising even more depth and replayability.

CD Projekt Red demonstrated the upcoming features in a developer stream, and while they have kept some details under wraps, the revelation has certainly piqued the interest of Cyberpunk fans and gamers alike. Below is a glimpse into some of the additions shared by the developers:

The anticipation is mounting as the December 5th release date approaches. With these enhancements, Cyberpunk 2077 is poised to offer a more complete and enjoyable gaming experience, reinforcing its place as a noteworthy entry in the world of open-world RPGs. Whether you're a long-time player or considering your first voyage through Night City, the update 2.1 is looking to put an exciting new spin on the Cyberpunk 2077 adventure.

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