CD Projekt Red announces the Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.02 with improvements to vehicle mission timers, passive perks, and other gaming elements.

New Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 2.02 Comes With Welcome Fixes

Cyberpunk 2077 enthusiasts now have new reasons to rejoice. CD Projekt Red, the leading players behind this game, recently rolled out Patch 2.02. This update, although not drastic, brings a few important fixes to the game that promises to elevate the gaming experience.

The RPG, a favourite among gamers post the Phantom Liberty release, now hosts an array of solutions to previous issues. The players can engage in immersive open-world escapades with a more streamlined and enhanced gaming tactic.

Some of the key updates straight from the developer's desk include the resolution to the glitch where character V would flatline post entering the Delamain AV in the Path of Glory segment. The shutters hindering entrance to the Black Sapphire in Run This Town have also been addressed.

Gamers had been dealing with a recurring issue where their cyberware got downgraded to Tier 1 post the 2.01 game update. This problem has now been fixed, providing players with a smoother cyberware experience.

One of the most anticipated developments in this patch is the reworking of the skill progression passives. This particular element was stirring discussions within the gaming community for a while now, as it was discovered that many of the passive perks were not working effectively. With this improvement, players can expect a more effective perk-using experience.

Patch 2.02 brings with it an update to the courier missions’ timers, which have, in the past, seem outrageously limited and made it nearly impossible for players to attain bonus objectives. The rectification of these timers now allows for a better playtime, paving the way for more elaborate strategizing and planning.

One of the pleasing enhancements for the vehicle enthusiasts in the game would be the introduction of the ‘mark as Favorites’ option in the Call Vehicle menu. Herewith, players can easily find their preferred vehicles and use them for in-game options.

To conclude these updates are a welcome addition for every Cyberpunk 2077 player. They didn’t make significant alterations to the game's plot or characters, but what they did offer are improvements to its functionality and overall player experience. As fans ready themselves for more immersive and frictionless gameplay, we can safely anticipate Patch 2.02’s release most probably in the upcoming week. Until then, players worldwide can’t help but gratefully receive these changes, even as they continue to weave their digital tales in the elaborately dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077.

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