To celebrate Jusant's release, DON'T NOD is giving away an elaborately designed custom Xbox Series X console through a special competition for fans.

Custom Xbox Series X Console Celebrates 'Jusant' Game

Gaming enthusiasts and collectors are on the edge of their seats as an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Xbox Series X console has been unveiled by the developer DON'T NOD to celebrate the game 'Jusant'. This isn't your typical gaming console; it has been designed to resemble a climber's tower, reflecting the game's adventurous theme, and includes unique elements like handholds, ropes, and nets, indicative of the game's climbing mechanics. It's more than just a gaming device; it's a work of art that any gamer would be proud to show off in their living room.

To make things even more enticing, this console isn't meant to simply sit on a shelf as a collector's item – it's the centerpiece of a competition designed to engage with DON'T NOD's fanbase. The competition, which is already live and will run through December 4th, invites fans to participate in a quiz in hopes of winning this exquisite console. Participation is simple: fans just need to visit the DON'T NOD website and answer the quiz questions for a chance to be the lucky winner of the custom console.

What makes the prize even more alluring is that it comes as a bundle. Apart from the custom-decorated Xbox Series X console, the winner will also receive a stunning translucent Xbox Series controller, which boasts a beautiful gradient color scheme transitioning from blue to purple. It's a stylish accessory that captures the essence of Jusant both in design and spirit, and it perfectly complements the custom console.

For those who have yet to experience Jusant, there's good news – the game is available on Xbox Game Pass. Released at the tail end of October, Jusant has bee introduced to the platform's extensive library. It has been well-received, with gamers considering it a worthwhile adventure despite it not necessarily being the pinnacle of Xbox Game Pass offerings.

Jusant's appeal has been broadened thanks to its ongoing availability on Xbox Game Pass and the recent addition of new features in a free update. This update, which is designed to enhance the player's experience, reflects the commitment of the developers to keep their audience engaged and invested in the world they've created.

The competition to win the custom Xbox Series X for Jusant has sparked considerable excitement in the gaming community, with many wondering who will be lucky enough to claim this prize. On social media and gaming forums, the buzz is growing as people share images of the console and controller, inviting others to join in the fun and try their luck.

To add to the excitement, the developer released a YouTube video showcasing the stunning custom console and controller, giving fans a closer look at what could potentially be theirs:

Beyond the contest, the gaming world continues to thrive with news of new arrivals to Xbox Game Pass and updates across various titles. Gamers are eagerly expecting new games as well as updates, like the announcement of an inadvertent ad by Ubisoft for Assassin's Creed, which added a ripple of controversy.

As the gaming community looks forward to upcoming Game Pass titles and mourns the loss of seven games from the platform, the timing of the Jusant custom console giveaway couldn't be better. It's a moment of celebration, a testament to the imaginative world of Jusant, and a perfect example of how gaming can offer unique and collector-worthy experiences beyond the screen.

For those who haven't already entered the competition, time is of the essence. As the December 4th deadline approaches, anticipation and hopes rise. It's a rare opportunity for fans to not only embrace their love for Jusant but to own a piece of its legacy in the form of a custom Xbox Series X console. Whether as a gaming device or a conversation piece, this console is bound to be the envy of many and the prized possession of one lucky winner.

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