Popular anime from Crunchyroll is now included with PlayStation Plus Premium subscriptions in select countries, bringing hit shows directly to gamers' consoles.

Crunchyroll Anime Joins PS Plus Premium Service

Sony has made an exciting announcement for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers who are fans of anime. Starting December 5th, a curated selection of shows from Crunchyroll, an anime streaming giant, will become available within Sony Pictures Core — a film-based service that comes as a benefit for PS Plus Premium members. This development enriches the current offerings of the most expensive tier of PlayStation Plus by including a taste of Crunchyroll's vast anime library.

The PlayStation Plus membership is structured in several tiers, with the Premium tier being the highest, providing members with an extensive catalog of games, cloud streaming, and a variety of extra content for their gaming consoles. By integrating anime into its services, Sony is blurring the lines between gaming and other forms of digital entertainment, creating a more diversified streaming experience.

This development will be particularly appealing for those who not only love gaming but also have a strong passion for anime. However, the initial rollout of Crunchyroll content onto PS Plus is somewhat limited. Upon launch, the Crunchyroll perk will be available exclusively to subscribers residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Sony has indicated that additional regions will receive access to this feature at a later date, which will be anticipated by the global PS Plus Premium user base.

While Sony hasn't disclosed the full list of anime titles that will be included with the launch, they have named a few examples that are popular among Crunchyroll subscribers. Titles such as "Eighty Six," "Iruma-kun," and "To Your Eternity" were mentioned in the official announcement, hinting at the quality and diversity of anime content that will become available.

The integration of Crunchyroll's content with PS Plus presents an evolution in Sony's services. It is an attempt not only to appeal to existing anime fans but also to introduce newer audiences to the genre. Anime has become increasingly popular worldwide, with Crunchyroll boasting a vast library that caters to all kinds of anime enthusiasts. Offering a taste of its content through PlayStation's services could draw new viewers to the anime scene and potentially create new Crunchyroll subscribers.

However, it's important to note that this is not an inclusion of the entire Crunchyroll library into the PlayStation Plus subscription. Rather, it is a hand-picked selection of shows that will be made available to Premium subscribers. Despite this limitation, the added content provides a value increase for the Premium tier, making it a more enticing option for prospective and existing subscribers.

Many subscribers wonder whether the integration could lead to a more comprehensive partnership between PlayStation Plus and Crunchyroll in the future. This speculation stems from the worldwide popularity of the anime genre and the potential for Sony to capitalize on the growing demand for anime content. Users on forums and social media are already discussing their hopes that Crunchyroll might become fully accessible through PlayStation Plus, eliminating the need for a separate Crunchyroll subscription.

For now, interested subscribers can look forward to enjoying the included Crunchyroll content starting from early December. The new offer serves as an incentive for those considering the jump to the Premium tier, while also rewarding current subscribers with more entertainment content.

With the growth of streaming services and the constant search for additional value in subscription models, integrating various forms of media into gaming platforms can be seen as a smart move in the highly competitive digital entertainment market. As this kind of cross-platform synergy becomes more common, users can likely expect Sony and other companies to explore further partnerships and integrations that will provide a broader range of content, possibly leading to more exciting announcements similar to this one in the future.

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