In a bumpy ride of virtual urban development, Cities: Skylines II pushes its console release to Spring 2024 for quality control but promises a timely PC release.

Cities: Skylines II Takes a Console Vacation Till Spring 2024

If you've been eagerly awaiting the construction of your very own digital metropolis on your shiny PS5 or Xbox Series X, we have some rather frustrating, albeit amusing, news for you. Developer Colossal Order and its publishing sidekick Paradox Interactive have announced a deferment in their urban venture. The much-anticipated Cities: Skylines II will now be architecting its way onto consoles in the sunny (or not so sunny, depending on your city planning skills) climes of Spring 2024.

Originally set to grace our consoles alongside its PC counterpart this October 24th, the cyber city builders have revealed that they need to don their hard hats a while longer. The reason being, in a refreshingly uncorporate-like and transparent announcement, to merely polish up the game to meet their high-quality standards. More polish than a window-cleaner's supply cupboard, it seems.

"Virtual Mayors, we're almost as elbow deep in city planning as you will be," the developers tweeted. "We've figured out that we need extra grinding (of the time, not coffee) to meet perfection for our console beauty. Ultimately, we want our players to have the best gaming experience, so we're renovating our release timeline for Xbox and PS5 to Spring 2024."

In a parallel proclamation, delivered graciously to our inboxes, Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive relayed that this "additional time would allow us to ensure we deliver a top-notch cross-platform experience." They added that they're working feverishly to tweak the PC specs and will continue to keep us updated.

Rest assured, PC gamers, your journey into urbanistic euphoria is still very much on the cards for October 24. As for our console comrades, holdfast, your turn to play town planner is tentatively coming next spring.

In the meantime, why not whet your appetite and fuel your future city-slicking strategies with the Cities: Skylines II reveal trailer?

Will you be donning your mayoral hat for Cities: Skylines II next month on PC? Or are you a console mayor holding out for the Spring makeover? Let's chat about it below!

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