Paradox Interactive suggests possible performance hiccups during Cities Skylines 2 launch but assures continuous game development and improvements after the release.

Cities Skylines 2 Publisher Forewarns Potential Performance Issues

The highly anticipated Cities: Skylines 2, scheduled for release this month, may not meet the standards set by its publisher, Paradox Interactive. The company recently hinted at some initial performance issues with the game. Regardless, Paradox firmly affirms its commitment to launch it as planned and ensures to follow up with continuous updates and improvements.

In a dedicated online forum post, the company addressed existing concerns raised by gamers about the game's performance. This comes after the company released the heightened minimum and recommended specs for the game. In the spirit of openness, Paradox decided to provide a more thorough explanation on the current situation.

"Cities: Skylines II is a next-gen title demanding certain hardware requirements," said Paradox. "Our team has innovatively laboured to create the best gaming experience possible, yet, we admit that the end product does not exactly meet the benchmark we initially aimed for."

Despite falling short, the studio remains optimistic for the future of the game. It stands by its decision to launch the game at the set time, viewing it as the most appropriate path going forward. The company promises that it will keep refining and upgrading the game over the coming months, assuring fans that it is eagerly committed to ensuring the game reaches its ultimate potential.

Cities: Skylines 2 is set to launch on Tuesday, October 24. So far, there's no specific official information or discussion about the game or its performance from Paradox. However, the recent statement from the company implies that there might have been private comments or concerns shared by players put off by the game's system requirements. The announcement seems to be a preemptive move by the publisher, acknowledging and preparing for potential launch issues which they plan to resolve over time.

The current situation has evoked added anxiety in gamers. Recent increases in PC specifications requirements, delays in console ports for Cities: Skylines 2, and now the potential performance issues, have further amplified their concerns. The console versions, specifically for PS5 and Xbox Series X, have been deferred by several months, with a revised release time planned for spring 2024.

For those gamers disheartened by the extended wait, a recommended list of promising city building games might help them bide their time. Paradox Interactive, while cautioning gamers about potential short-term performance issues in the Cities: Skylines 2, encourages them to stay patient and supportive. They assure all fans of their solid pledge to delivering a gaming experience that meets their high performance expectations, even if it involves multiple optimizations after the initial launch.

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