The developers behind Moonlighter present Cataclismo, their new Minecraft-style game where you construct fortresses to defend against monstrous attacks, aiming to take tower defence to the next level.

Lego-inspired Fortress Builder Game Cataclismo Announced

Digital Sun Games, best known for their shopkeeper simulation adventure game, Moonlighter, are back with a new offering inspired by the world's beloved brick-based toy, Lego. The game, named Cataclismo, merges the creative scope of Minecraft with strategic elements found in games like They Are Billions, creating an intriguing mix of crafting, building, and defending.

In Cataclismo, players split their time between two distinct phases, following an in-game day/night cycle. During the daytime, players instruct the residents of their settlement to gather resources which can then be used to build a robust fortress. This game feature stands out, as it draws inspiration from Lego's brick-based construction, allowing players to create a variety of unique structures, like towers, walls, castles, and more with brick-like elements.

When night descends, the game takes a different turn. The defensive strength of your custom-built fortress is put to the test as waves of horrific creatures attack. The inhabitants of your settlement, equipped with artillery like bows and cannons, offer help in fending off these nightly foes, under your command.

Gauging the structural integrity of the built fortress becomes key, as buildings withstand realistic physics and damage taken could lead to parts of your fortress collapsing, causing potential harm to your settlement's inhabitants and weakening the overall structure. Here, a player's choice of material - be it stone, wood, mineral, or the magical mistfuel - becomes crucial as distinct properties influence resilience and strength.

Beyond building and battling, Cataclismo contains elements of town management during the day. Players can spur economic growth, enable new construction, drive tech advancements such as flaming arrows or claw traps, and recruit additional units to counter the moonlight monster onslaught.

Real-time strategy ensues during the nightly attacks which pauses during daytime for management tasks. The geographical environment of the settlement, with diverse landscapes like forests, misty wetlands, and ominous Depths, influences your building and defensive strategy.

Cataclismo offers a 30-hour single-player campaign complete with standalone skirmish maps for added challenges. A peaceful creative mode is also available, allowing free building without the threat of monster attack.

Digital Sun, along with Brendy C, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support the development of Cataclismo. They intend it to be their first self-published game. The project has already exceeded its funding goal of €50,000/$53,000 with two weeks left in the campaign at the time of writing. The full game is expected for release in May of next year, but an early demo is available for play on Steam.

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