Fans of Star Wars spin-off Ahsoka theorize a surprising character redemption for Shin Hati in a possible season 2 – the dark side might lose one to the light.

Can Shin Hati Go From Surly to Saintly in Ahsoka's Sequel?

If rumours are to be trusted, Ahsoka season 2 isn't merely a graffiti-inscribed graffiti on a wall in some podracing pit-stop, it's an almost certain galaxy-wide reality. And like blue milk in a cantina, these rumors are churning an Oberyn Martell-style speculation storm among the Star Wars fandom.

Now, take a seat (preferably not in the one Palpatine zapped Windu out of), because we're about to dive deep into the Star Wars wormhole here. Remember our not-so-buddy Shin Hati at the end of Ahsoka? Last we saw of her, she was playing babysitter to a bunch of bandits on Peridea, while her mentor Baylan Skoll was off on a celestial quest, chasing after ancient Mortis gods in a plot twist worthy of Maury Povich's wildest dreams.

Anyone who knows Star Wars knows that one of its favorite tricks is yanking bad guys from the dark side into the blinding light of redemption. Thus speculation is high about Shin's future alignment - whether she'll trade in her dark cloak for a luminous one. Fan theory is ablaze with the idea that Shin could pull a Vader – minus choking people with her mind - especially since Ahsoka Tano has once reached out to her.

Consider one Star Wars sleuth's theory: "I'm fully convinced she's going to join Sabine and Ahsoka eventually." Now we all know how volatile 'eventualities' are in a galaxy far, far away, but this one has some pull. Especially once you bring in connection cues from the all-powerful Force triangle: the Father, the Son, and the Daughter. The Clone Wars showed how Anakin Skywalker used the Daughter to resurrect Ahsoka, binding her forever to the force-happy bird family.

But then, redemption isn't the only road Shin could take. "I see two possibilities: either she joins up with Sabine and Ahsoka after Baylan stumbles upon trouble in Peridea, or she ends up as a host to Abeloth and spirals further into the dark side," muses another fan theorist. In the Star-Wars-verse, Abeloth is a character who tumbled from housekeeping duties for the Force family into the abyss of the dark side – a vortex Shin might find herself in.

However, one suggestion strays from the Sith-turned-saint or Sith-sinks-sinister storylines. "An interesting twist would be to pursue a 'woman goes her own way' arc with her," one commentator thought. "I'm not interested in another 'starts out bad, reforms later' arc."

The discussion around Shin’s future is as thrilling as a lightsaber duel on Mustafar. While the wild world of Star Wars spins its web of theories, you can catch all episodes of Ahsoka now on Disney Plus. And, because we love nerdy deep-dives as much as a Jawa loves shiny droids, check out more Ahsoka content. From revisiting the good old days of Anakin and Ahsoka, to an insight into the Nightsisters of Dathomir – it's all there.

While the Star Wars world churns out these theories like a hyperactive droid assembly line, we will wait with bated breath to see what the future holds for our conflicted friend, Shin Hati. Until then, happy streaming and may the Force be with you!

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