Bungie, the studio behind Destiny 2, gifts wrongly banned players with 5,000 units of their premium currency, Silver, as an apology for the error.

Destiny 2 Developers Compensate Mistakenly Banned Players

Destiny 2, a popular online multiplayer video game, recently faced issues with its banning system, resulting in some of its loyal players being incorrectly removed from the gameplay. The brains behind Destiny 2, Bungie studio expressed apology to these players and has set things right by rewarding them with 5,000 Silver, the premium currency of the game.

Investigative gaming journalist Tom Warren of The Verge discovered an email from Bungie addressing this incident. The email, lengthy and quite transparent, revealed that a meager number of Destiny 2 players' accounts had been mistakenly detected as having attempted to tamper with game client functionality. Thus, these accounts were banned, albeit wrongly.

Bungie was quick to admit that while these bans are typically effective and accurate, a few rare incidents have uncovered inaccuracies. This means that upon detection, these bans may be unintentionally activated, even when the player is not at fault.

To compensate for this mistake, Bungie has taken a positive step towards regaining the trust of their loyal players, by unbanning them and compensating them with 5,000 Silver, worth approximately $50 USD or £40. This inadvertently-banned lot is now able to rejoin the Destiny 2 community, and enjoy the fruits of the developer's apology.

Bungie's action here speaks volumes about its stance on fair play and customer satisfaction. More so, the studio assured that their systems have been updated and auditing processes revamped to ensure such errors don't occur in the future.

The recent saga has not just been about the unfair bans, though. It unraveled other updates from the powerhouse developer. The gaming community learned about exciting new developments, such as the arrivals of new characters and the release of Destiny 2's final shape.

Alas, it's not all good news for gamers. Despite being acquired by Sony, Bungie's new ownership didn't prevent an increase in Destiny 2's season pass pricing, citing inflation.

The compensation, however, is a refreshing way to resolve an unfortunate issue. It proves that the studio is committed to its customers' satisfaction and is willing to rectify its wrongs.

As the Destiny 2 community grows and the game develops, Bungie's swift response to such issues is an encouraging sign. It leaves players with a sense of trust and security, knowing that any future errors will be justly addressed.

So, if you play Destiny 2 and were unjustly banned, remember to check your email. You might find a very valuable apology waiting for you, ready to put you back in the game, and with added Silver to boot.

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