The popular pixelated metroidvania sequel, Blasphemous 2, by Team 17 and The Game Kitchen, is rolling out to PS4 in November 2023.

Retro Delight: Blasphemous 2 Hits PS4 Screens This November

For the innumerable gamblers who revel in the nostalgic 90s appeal of pixel gaming, there's some fantastic news! Team 17, in collaboration with The Game Kitchen, have ushered in a PS4 version of the monstrously popular Blasphemous 2. Originally released in August for PS5 and other cutting-edge gaming platforms, the pixelated metroidvania sequel is staging a surprising but exciting return to the previous-generation PlayStation console on November 2nd, 2023.

This noteworthy news of a last-gen offering came from the game's accolades trailer. Keeping a unique element of suspense, the trailer craftily unveils the last-gen edition's launch date during its concluding moments. To strengthen the game’s claim to fame, it comes showered with wide-ranging accolades. A testament to its superb gameplay, we found the game enthralling as evidenced by our enthusiastic PS5 version review.

For the ones unfamiliar with this gaming gem, the Blasphemous series delineates itself with side-scrolling action, religious themes, and strikingly macabre imagery. In Blasphemous 2, players continue the daring journey as The Penitent One. The character starts with a solitary weapon and gradually unravels numerous others throughout the game. Each weapon encompasses a unique traversing mechanism along with the obvious combat benefits. The nightmarish yet artistically crafted game design ensures a riveting experience, especially for thrill-seekers who relish intense challenges.

So, what do this yearning for a dense blend of exploration, combat, and gothic pixel-art get with Blasphemous 2 on PS4? For starters, they get a gameplay enriched with pain, guilt, and twisted religion. The game continues just where it left off in the prequel, combining intense action, engrossing narrative, and dramatic encounters with grotesque enemies.

To visualise the excitement on offer, here's a sneak peek into the game through a YouTube video.


Most importantly, consoles like PS4 have a massive player base. Bringing Blasphemous 2 to a last-gen platform demonstrates a strategic expansion by Team 17 and The Game Kitchen, ensuring that an array of gamers gets the opportunity to engage with this compelling game. Whether you're a seasoned player scouring for new challenge, or you're someone who might have missed this game initially on PS5, now is your chance to get hands-on with Blasphemous 2.

As we enter the final lap of the year, the gaming community has been bestowed with an unexpected but appreciated treat. The anticipation is palpable. On a console that has long been a symbol of gaming prowess, Blasphemous 2 will surely create waves. Make sure you clear your November calendar for what promises to be an enthralling experience.

Are you intrigued? Will you take up the challenge and experience Blasphemous 2 on PS4? The gaming world eagerly awaits your verdict.

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