Former BioWare employees, dismissed without sufficient severance pay, instigate legal processes against the studio, sparking questions about employment ethics.

BioWare's Ex-Employees Demand More Severance, Ignite Lawsuit

Remember BioWare? The video game studio that brought us a ton of fun times. Well, dear readers, it seems they’ve hit a patch of turbulence on flight ‘Employment Ethics’. They’ve thrown employees off board without a financial parachute robust enough for a safe landing. The ejected folks aren't taking their low-altitude severance pay lying down; they've lawyered up, preparing to land in the courtroom rather than the unemployment line.

This all started when BioWare, in their questionable wisdom, decided to give 50 of their employees a surprise "vacation” in an attempt to make their upcoming games, 'Dragon Age: Dreadwolf' and 'the next Mass Effect game' live up to the hype. Among the quintet, seven former employees are leading the charge and suing BioWare for what they label as ‘nickel and diming’ them with less-than-adequate severance pay.

On behalf of the sultans of sue, Ex-Technical Director Jon Renish, stated that BioWare's severance offer typically wouldn't cover a round of drinks at a bar, let alone meet the Alberta Courts' standards for ‘termination without much of a reason’. The fantastic seven are tossing the initial severance package back at BioWare, shouting, "We want more!"

One perturbed ex-employee poured out his heart (yes, we might’ve captured his broken heart at the scene), expressing worries about finding good work as Christmas-lovers start dusting off their decorations and inflating reindeer. Given that BioWare bars them from including any of their work completed on 'BioWare: Dreadwolf' in their portfolios, their job hunt during the holidays might be tougher than finding a needle in a snow bank.

The squeezer providing legal juicing for the ex-employees, R. Alex Kennedy, accuses BioWare of cutting corners on their financial responsibilities. According to Kennedy, BioWare committed a low-blow by excluding benefits from the severance pay, a move riper than a forgotten lemon.

Kennedy passionately stated, "These people are artists and creators who've worked tirelessly in an intricate industry, pouring in profits for their employer. The way they've been given the boot, like yesterday's garbage, is a major call-to-action. Sure, employers can terminate anyone, anytime, no reason needed. But that freedom comes intertwined with crucial responsibilities to the people they've expelled.”

BioWare – the ball is in your court now. We’ve reached out to them for a comment, and are eagerly waiting for the update. Let's see how this bio-drama unfolds. Brew your tea, because the kettle is whistling, and there's plenty more to spill.

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