After a lukewarm reception at its initial launch, Battlefield 2042 sees an impressive surge in player count following a series of improvements, new content releases and a free weekend on steam.

Battlefield 2042 Sees Resurgence After Implementing Improvements

The popular first-person shooter video game, Battlefield 2042, is back on its feet almost two years after an initially underwhelming launch. This recent resurgence was marked by an impressive player count, a clear testament to the turnaround achieved by the gaming developers, DICE.

Battlefield 2042 was launched in November 2021 and did not meet with anticipated success. The FPS game's modifications, including gameplay changes, absence of well-liked features, and numerous bugs, led to a sharp decrease in its player count. Nonetheless, the developers at DICE stayed committed to their brainchild and spent the subsequent months amending the game's shortcomings. Their hard work is finally paying off, as indicated by the significant jump in the game's player count on Steam.

Statistics from Steam DB reveal that Battlefield 2042 managed to reach a concurrent player count of 102,009 on October 15. This figure comes close to the game's all-time player peak of 105,397 achieved at the time of its initial release. The game's recently regained popularity can be attributed to several factors. Along with the tech improvements and modifications implemented by DICE, the game was made available for free on Steam over a particular weekend. This strategy seemed to have worked wonders, contributing substantially to the sudden increase in the game's player count.

As the free weekend concluded, it was expected that the player count for Battlefield 2042 would experience a slight dip. However, with an 85% discount on Steam and the new content offered in Season 6, experts predict a sustained player interest in the game over the future weeks and months.

Despite the adverse initial reaction, EA CEO Andrew Wilson asserted that Battlefield would remain a significant part of EA's future plans. The CEO underlined the strategic importance of the game, categorizing it as a cornerstone in EA's aim of building games and experiences that attract and sustain enormous online communities across various platforms. Evidently, Battlefield 2042 has come a long way since its initial difficulties.

As DICE reflects on the trajectory that Battlefield 2042 has followed, it stands as a testament to the outcomes perseverance and dedication to continuous improvement can yield. Its rebound serves as an inspiring story for developers and gamers alike, reinforcing the idea that it's never too late for a redemption story. Battlefield 2042's newfound success is promising, indicating that this FPS game may continue to rule the roost among its gaming counterparts.

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