DICE's futuristic shooter Battlefield 2042 will run a limited free trial over the weekend. Players will need an EA account and some weekend features may include optional microtransactions.

Battlefield 2042 Offers Free PC Play Over Weekend

Weekend gamers are in for a treat. Battlefield 2042, the near-future shooter by DICE, once considered in a state of disarray, is now free to play this weekend. The offer includes access to an array of features from the game's Season 6, aptly named "Dark Creations".

However, be warned, the word "free" tagged in the promotional art comes with a footnote. Essential to any Battlefield player is a keen eye for detail. This minor detail could well be compared to the glimmer on an enemy sniper rifle, a forewarning, perhaps, of some cost aimed at your wallet or purse. After zooming in on this footnote, we realize it is not alarming. It reveals that this is a "limited time free trial", and the trial period is subject to change.

Another prerequisite to obtain this free access is an EA account required to play the game on Steam. Sure, while you enjoy the world of Battlefield 2042, there might be a few attempts to coax you into microtransactions. However, any seasoned gamer can deftly avoid such obstacles within the game.

This exciting trial is live now, and will continue until Monday, 16th October. Depending on your location, this set time could be 10 am PST, 6 pm UK, or 7 pm CET. A span of three whole days is on offer for you to explore, dive, and interact with the myriad simulations the game provides.

Many notable inclusions in this trial are worth mentioning. 'Redacted,' a novel underground map, is accessible in this trial; gadgets such as medical pouches, ammo pouches, are made available to aid you in the battlefield. One particularly interesting addition is the Pondhawk, a compact and tiny scooter looking much like a robotic water boatman.

But be advised, Pondhawk cannot be operated on the map, 'Redacted.'

Several new guns, including an L9CZ pistol and rifles including the G429, a seemingly single-shot marksman firearm, and the VHX-D3, possessing a more rapid-fire feel, are added to the artillery for this trial period. Be assured, mastery of these weapons will be a fun yet challenging experience in the battlefield.

Last but not least, if Battlefield 2042 seems to have taken a turn for the better, kudos might be due to Criterion. Criterion, primarily known for its racing games, has been rerouted to work on the Battlefield franchise after underwhelming sales of their latest Need for Speed title. Their input and interventions might be the push that Battlefield 2042 needed towards becoming this weekend's free feature!

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