Skyrim guards were outdone when a player’s feline was booked and fined in Baldur’s Gate 3 for committing an unintended ‘murder’.

Comically Criminal Cat Nabbed in Notorious Baldur’s Gate 3

Remember the unsolicited hilarity of Skyrim’s NPCs? Those days could be well behind us as one Baldur’s Gate 3 player hilariously finds their feline friend snared in the game setting’s legal labyrinth. In the crime of the century, the player accidentally made their cat a 'murderer', giving us some unimagined diversion in the immersive world of Baldur's Gate 3. It seems there’s always some fresh peculiarity to stumble upon, even for seasoned players.

As the deal went down, the crafty player unearthed a seemingly unpretentious task over a casual conversation of a pair contemplating acquiring a cat, mainly to chase away rats. Convinced this was a worthwhile endeavor, the player set his cat in motion to slay a rat. What's more ordinary than a cat chasing a mouse, right?

It's a well-known fact that the domestication of cats goes back a few millennia. Besides, cats offer a treasure trove of material for amusing memes, keeping us engaged during those dull virtual meetings. How could such a simple, even mundane, act spiral into an uproarious chaos? Here's how. Apparently, to the patrolling guard, the cat’s crime was repugnant, calling for the stiff penalty of 300 gold in exchange for freedom.

The narrative took an even more belly-laugh inducing twist when other participants pointed out to our protagonist that the screenshot of the ‘crime scene’ was a well-known druid grove. So, the player's kitty could have unwittingly gobbled up an unsuspecting shape-shifting local, thus earning the label 'murderer'.

This hilarious gaffe was ripe for jesting among the gaming community. One user mused, "Should this end up in the courtroom, can't wait to see the guard trying to explain why he booked a cat for being...well, catty."

The thought of the guilty moggie turning its Puss-In-Boots-like charisma on the court, though unlikely to hold any legal water, would make for a side-splitting spectacle.

In other cat-related gaming news, a beloved feline character, shaved in a recent Baldur's Gate 3 update, has been welcomed back fur and all, amidst resolution of a few community disputes. On top of that, a recent mod has introduced a variety of classic D&D races as well-rounded characters, amongst them are Final Fantasy 14's fierce and furry catgirls.

For the time being, whether you are in search of romance, friendship or perhaps keen to steer clear of unwarranted guard attention with your feline pet, check out our comprehensive guide to all aspects of relationships in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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