Atari jams classic 80s arcade game, Berzerk, into the 21st century reboot machine. Berzerk: Recharged will transport you back in time, only this time with better graphics.

Boss Level Alert: Atari Reloads Berzerk for a 2021 Comeback

Like a cheesy disco song on replay, Atari is refusing to let the classic arcade game Berzerk fade into gaming history. Earlier this year, Atari flexed its muscles announcing its newly acquired arcade properties including the cult classic Berzerk, its sequel Frenzy and a handful of other arcade gems. Undusting this beloved treasure, the company is now offering Berzerk: Recharged. Coming soon to your gaming consoles and PCs!

The Original Berzerk (for those born in the era of Fortnite, in which you undoubtedly reside) is a 1980s arcade game with a frenzied cult following. In this Hair metal era gaming gem, you become a spry avatar marauding through electrified mazes, blasting hordes of weapon-laden robots at a moment's notice. The villain? None other than Evil Otto, a bouncing, giant, grinning face whose sole purpose in life seems to be hunting you down. It does give Pacman a terrorizing run for its money.

Excitingly, Atari has announced that everyone's favorite menacing antagonist is making a comeback in Berzerk Recharged. This time, the cheeky villain returns with juiced-up graphics, nimble twin-stick controls and a foot-tapping new soundtrack by the remarkable Megan McDuffee, giving even the original a run for its arcade quarters.

The press describes Otto as “a deadly, invincible, ever-present threat presenting only one real survival solution: run!”. Did anyone say intense? Paired with McDuffee's futuristic synth beats, the game captures the essence of a high-stakes space station shootout while maintaining all the neon-lit, synthesizer-filled charm of an OG 80s arcade.

As a part of this glittering upgrade, Berzerk: Recharged developers have introduced mazes made of randomly aligned rooms. The game’s intensity and difficulty follow an interesting trajectory – the sequencing enemy robots change their color schemes the further into the game you get. Oh, and there are over 20 maze levels, each brimming with varying gameplay challenges. To ensure you’ve got the edge (and hopefully survive Otto), the game arms you with a collection of different weapon modifiers, from spread-shots, big shots to railguns. There are also other spanky new modifiers like speed boosts, shields, mines, and more.

The Atari Recharged canon won't leave co-op gamers and competitive spirits hanging either, Berzerk: Recharged features both co-op play and public leaderboard.

How about a side of nostalgia while you dip into future fun? Atari will also release Berzerk: Enhanced Edition, a renewed version of the original Berzerk game. Set to roll out on November 17 alongside the new Atari 2600+. Sounds like a great excuse to dust off your shaggy rugs and don your multicolored sweatbands, doesn't it?

Berzerk: Recharged is set to charge up PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC later this year.

So time to set the DeLorean to Nostalgia Mode and get ready for the resurrected arcade fun. Will this revamped Berzerk buzz fill the arcade void in your heart? Begin the countdown, the launch is set later this year, and remember to pack your running shoes, because escaping Otto is no walk in an 80s park.

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