The 1992 arcade beat 'em up Asterix, originally released by Konami, may be coming to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, thanks to SNES fan developer, misterdigifox.

Asterix Arcade Game to Get SNES Fanmade Port

The classic 1992 arcade beat 'em up game, Asterix, released by Konami, could soon make its way to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This is all lively speculation owing to the efforts of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System fan developer, misterdigifox.

In a recent post on Twitter, the creator shared an intriguing glimpse into the project. The game's software development is being spearheaded on pvsneslib - a free open development kit for the Nintendo SNES. As of now, the footage is still quite raw, but it features Asterix along with three Roman soldiers. The z-order, a method used for programming 2D visuals, has been correctly set and the game runs at a stable framerate. misterdigifox shared that the next developmental steps would involve adding the walking animations, before moving forward to explore additional possibilities with the game.

Asterix entered the gaming world as part of a series of licensed beat 'em up games rolled out by Konami from the late 80s to the early 90s. It featured as its lead developer, none other than the legendary producer of Castlevania, Hitoshi Akamatsu, known by his pseudonym, Narunopapa. Accompanying him was Masaaki Kukino, who would later become the designer of Silent Scope.

In a conversation with Time Extension, Kukino revealed the inception of Asterix. Euro-centric Konami entrusted the Japanese arcade division to produce a licensed tie-in based on the Franco-Belgian comic created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

Fans of the series and the wider gaming community are eagerly following misterdigifox's port and its progress. Anticipation is high to see how this beloved arcade game can be reimagined on a new platform, and the effort put in by the fan developer is commendable.

The objective forward is to keep tabs on the development, trace its progress, and continue providing updates as they unfold.

Asterix has always had a robust fanbase, given its legacy as one of the string of licensed beat 'em ups released by Konami. Now, looking at the burgeoning revival spearheaded by an ardent fan, it is evident that the impact and esteem of the game haven't waned over the years.

This revival adds to the excitement among fans. As the project progresses, the worldwide gaming community will surely look forward to witnessing the reintroduction of a beloved game to a new generation of gamers and a different platform. More than anything, it represents a nostalgic trip down memory lane, recalling times spent mastering moves to defeat the Roman soldiers.

Adding to the authenticity and overall appeal, is the involvement of the original game's developers' names. This project is a testament to the undying spirit of vintage arcade games and a tribute to the teams behind them. A fan-developed port is an extension of admiration, respect, and passion towards the original game.

Indeed, while the project is still in its early days, the progress shared so far sparks curiosity, with bated breaths waiting for the day the revamped Asterix can be played on the SNES. Even in its nascent stages, simply knowing that such a project is underway is a cue for nostalgic joy shared by lovers of Asterix and old-school SNES games. With fans like misterdigifox leading the charge, the legacy of classic games like Asterix is set to continue in contemporary gaming circles.

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