The universe's favourite interstellar action slasher, Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, celebrates a year in orbit with beefed up bugs and more bumper fun on PlayStation consoles.

Asterigos Adds Galactic Gauntlet as Freebie Anniversay Gift

It seems like only yesterday when Asterigos: Curse of the Stars landed among us, offering a sci-fi saga seasoned with generous sprinklings from Greek and Roman mythology. How time-space continuum blurs! In the blink of a cosmic eye, the PlayStation's beloved extra-terrestrial upstart grows a new ring in its orbital journey and rolls out a free Anniversary Update.

Forget about boring bouquet of virtual flowers or even a digital cake, Asterigos gifts its avid gamer audience an adrenaline spike - a challenging Gauntlet of the Stars. The proof, of course, is in the pulsing trailer, not the pudding, which screams more action than the entire Matrix trilogy put together.

Draped with edits smoother than a villain's alibi, this Anniversary Update patches up previously infuriating bugs faster than you can say "We come in peace." But what's capturing galactic headlines is a brand new combat mode on the galactic block - the Gauntlet of the Stars.

Complete this daunting boss rush - a relay of robust rogues with twenty top-tier terribly terrifying tenants. Those who dare to clear this astronomical obstacle course will earn the mega-cool title of Gladiatrix, complete with matching celestial armor set - the Gladiatrix Battlegear. It's a reward as mythical as the Fountain of Youth or a pair of matching socks.

Feeling fearless? Good, because there's more. If you've composed yourself after the boss rush relay, then brace yourselves to test the limits of your endurance in... well, The Test of Endurance. But savour the euphoria while it lasts, dear gamer, because this is the Gauntlet of Stars without the sweet spots. It's a single encounter, no detours, no pit stops, and a tight leash on the essentials.

Of course, this isn't a punishment, folks - it's a party! The year since the launch has been a space-age roller-coaster ride, and the rave reviews on Steam suggest that Asterigos: Curse of the Stars hits the right notes. So for those seeking some soul in their gaming, that's a slice of the cosmos, scented with hints of Greek and Roman classics, and sandwiched between other large-gobbling gaming gobbets. That might just taste better than IRL birthday cake.

So, hang on because you'd better believe it: when it comes to celebrating game-versaries, Asterigos is not merely floating in space. It’s planning on making sure "may the force be with you" holds true for all its fans, one gauntlet-laden uppercut at a time.

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