Studio Wildcard pauses cross-platform PVP in Ark: Survival Ascended to combat PC cheating, upsetting some in the gaming community.

Ark: Survival Ascended Halts Cross-Platform PVP

The realm of online multiplayer gaming is one that frequently battles against unfair player practices, and nowhere is this more evident than in recent events surrounding Ark: Survival Ascended. Following a series of complaints from players about cheating, the game's developers have made the significant decision to disable cross-platform player versus player (PVP) interaction temporarily.

Ark: Survival Ascended, an overhaul of the previous edition Ark: Survival Evolved, was introduced to bridge the gap leading up to the release of Ark 2. However, since its debut, it's been faced with numerous challenges. As anticipation built for the new game, Studio Wildcard, the development team behind the game, shut down all official servers of the original Survival Evolved. This was a move that raised frustration amongst the community, particularly due to the fact that many had been under the impression that the new version would be a free upgrade. Instead, players found themselves compelled to purchase the new game, an action that did not sit well with a portion of the fanbase.

Among the issues highlighted post-launch were grievances from console players over cheating by PC gamers. With various forms of in-game exploitation — from speedhacks to the ability to hit through walls — the integrity of the game's competitive play came into question. Faced with these concerns, the Studio Wildcard team made the announcement that they would be sidelining cross-platform play across several of Survival Ascended’s PVP server types, which included the standard PVP, Small Tribes, ARKpocalypse, and Modded variants.

In their communication, Studio Wildcard conveyed an apology to Windows users, emphasizing that the decision was with the game’s health in mind:

"We apologise to our Windows players but we feel this is the best course of action for the health of the game."

This move has directed the team's focus towards the creation and implementation of more "robust anticheat measures" for the PC platform. Collaborating with Microsoft and BattlEye, the anti-cheat service provider, the developers anticipate having enhanced security features in place by early the following week. Following these updates, the intention is to restore the crossplay PVP capabilities to the game.

Despite this, not all game modes are affected by this change. Studio Wildcard clarified that single-player and privately hosted servers would remain unaffected, with restrictions only impacting the official public servers.

The reaction from the player base has been a mix of understanding and frustration. Surveying player opinions through platforms like Steam, where the game reception hovers around a "Mixed" rating, it's clear that the enthusiasm for Survival Ascended has been somewhat tarnished by this rocky launch. While some players are relieved that measures are being taken to ensure fair play, others are disillusioned by the game's tumultuous arrival to the market and the unforeseen costs associated with it.

Amongst the tumult, the game's community is left with the hope that the anticheat updates will render a positive outcome, fostering a more balanced competitive environment for all its players. This episode serves to illustrate the challenges developers face in balancing the immediacy of player demands against the necessity for rigorous testing and development of anticheat systems. As Studio Wildcard navigates these choppy waters, the gaming community keenly awaits to see whether their commitment to the game’s health will pay off and restore trust and competitive spirit to the world of Ark: Survival Ascended.

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