Be ready to build Nook’s Cranny as the adorable Animal Crossing universe is now available in Lego.

Lego Teams Up with Animal Crossing: Pure Genius Mix!

So, what’s the most universal guilty pleasure among kids and adults alike? Lego, you nailed it! And when you mix Lego with Nintendo's enchanting game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, sparks are going to fly. While a whole week of nail-biting suspense made every fan's knees wobbly, on 10th October, Lego lifted the curtain, revealing a tantalising glimpse into its all-new Nintendo collection.

Folks, you can soon be the tycoon of your imaginary island, peopled with Tom Nook, Isabelle, Julian, Bunnie, and more from the enchanted Animal Crossing universe. These lucky minifigures will be able to explore the brick and mortar, and well, Lego, of villager houses, a cosy tent and the iconic Nook's Cranny store sculpted by your nimble fingers.

Sure, the Lego Animal Crossing rumors turned out to be more than just whispers, and we finally have the visuals to drool over. Coming 2023, you can build your dreams along with your building blocks, starting as low as an easy-on-your-wallet $14.99. The cherry on the cake? The entire Animal Crossing Lego heaven is yours to own from the 1st of March, trumpeting its arrival through a collection ranging from $14.99 to an absolutely worth-it $74.99.

It seems so real you can practically live within those adorable little houses! Whether it's the all-time favorite KK Bubblegum record adorning Rosie's house, the sneaky bag of bells buried under Marshal's cheeky rock, or oh-my-god cute Nook Phone and DIY recipe accessories, the attention to detail is remarkable, making the whole fantasy world come alive.

But boy, there's a lot more than what meets the eye in the collection! Isabelle's house visit with Isabelle & Fauna at $39.99, Julian's birthday party with Julian himself as your party mate at $14.99, Bunnie's outdoor fun activities with Bunnie and loads of adventure-packed equipment at $19.99, Kapp'n's island boat tour bringing an exotic holiday experience home at $29.99 and last but not least, step into the icon of Animal Crossing: Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House at $74.99 with Tom Nook & Rosie giving you company all through this wild fun ride.

Honestly, who can resist the charm of such a collection? This Lego-Anima Crossing fusion is all set to produce more dopamine than chocolate, and once bitten, you might as well admit - you gotta have it all! But while you’re biting your nails in anticipation, why not redirect that nail-biting anxiety towards assembling today's available Lego sets? Better yet, check out our Prime Day Lego deals. Practice makes perfect, after all. Ready, set, Lego!

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