Analogue updates Pocket OS with new features and restocks devices while delaying cartridge adapters to 2024. Duo ships before Christmas alongside a white dock limited edition.

Analogue Pocket OS Updates and Stock Info Announced

Analogue, a renowned company specializing in producing retro gaming hardware, has recently shared some good news for fans of classic gaming—the latest updates concerning its highly sought-after device, the Analogue Pocket, and other related products. As we delved into the announcements, an exciting line-up of updates and releases was revealed just in time for the holiday season, though not without some bumps along the way.

Firstly, the announcements detailed the introduction of two significant OS updates for the Analogue Pocket. OS v1.2, set for early December release, promises to fix crucial bugs, add new controller support, update Nanoloop—a music-creation tool—and introduce openFPGA Developer features. This will surely enhance the performance and versatility of the Pocket.

Moving on to more exciting news, OS v2.0, expected to launch before Christmas, will incorporate 'Original Display Mode' support for openFPGA—including a new CRT Trinitron mode—allowing faithful reproduction of classic games' original look on modern displays. Conveniently, both OS updates are timed to coincide with the festivities, offering users an improved gaming experience during their holiday respite.

Further enhancing the holiday cheer, Analogue shared news about their new hardware shipping schedule. In a gesture to retro gaming enthusiasts, Analogue is set to release its Analogue Duo, a device that aims to capture the spirit of classic PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 gaming. This exciting machine is scheduled to ship before the end of the year. Additionally, the Analogue Pocket is slated for restocking, with new units available for purchase on December 4th at 8 am PST, promising delivery in time for Christmas. Subsequently, a second stock release is planned for December 8th; however, customers purchasing from this batch will have to wait until February 2024 for their device to ship.

Analogue also announces a limited edition White Dock to be released alongside the Pocket restocks on December 4th that would complement the minimalistic aesthetics of any gamer's setup.

The less fortunate piece of news is the delay of the much-anticipated Pocket Adapter Set, previously expected to ship by the end of 2023. The adaptor set, essential for connecting different types of game cartridges to the Pocket, is now set to ship in late February 2024. In light of this news, Analogue extended an apology for the delay and expressed their eagerness to get the adaptors into the hands of gamers, reassuring that the adapters are indeed supported with openFPGA.

For those unfamiliar with the Analogue Pocket, it's a sleek handheld console designed to play a vast array of classic game cartridges natively, such as those from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Services like the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) will soon enable Pocket owners to play games on vintage CRT TVs and professional video monitors (PVMs), bringing back the nostalgic feel of retro gaming.

A feature that has attracted significant attention within the Pocket's capabilities is OS 2.0's promise to allow screen filters, previously exclusive to physical cartridges, to be applied to ROMs played from SD cards via community-made FPGA cores. This means players can enjoy contemporary conveniences while experiencing games as they were originally intended to be seen.

As we look into the broader implications of these updates and releases, it's clear that Analogue is not only committed to reviving classic gaming with contemporary hardware but is also on a path to creating a robust and versatile platform for retro gaming enthusiasts. The delays are disappointing, yet the company's dedication to quality and innovation prevails.

The fervor surrounding retro gaming continues to grow, and the Analogue Pocket stands as an emblem for modern-day gaming nostalgia. With these latest developments from Analogue, the wait for fruitful gaming this Christmas seems promising—for those who can secure their devices amidst rapid stock fluctuations.

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