Analogue confirms December shipping for Analogue Duo retro console, aiming for pre-Christmas delivery alongside restocks of Pocket and new OS releases, while Pocket Adapter Set faces delay.

Analogue Duo Will Ship in Time for the Holidays

Retro gaming enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate this holiday season as Analogue, renowned for creating premium FPGA-based gaming systems, has announced that its highly anticipated Analogue Duo console will begin shipping on December 11th, ensuring delivery to customers in time for Christmas.

Following a series of updates, the company has also shared news about customers receiving their Analogue Pockets, restock of limited edition white docks, upcoming operating system (OS) releases, and details about the delayed Pocket Adapter Set. In their latest communiqué via social media, Analogue encouraged customers with pre-orders to submit any address changes before December 8th to ensure accurate delivery for the Duo.

Analogue's commitment to bringing classic gaming experiences to modern gamers is further demonstrated in their updates about the Pocket. Alongside the Duo, the Pocket—a portable gaming system that plays legacy handheld titles—is also being restocked and shipped before Christmas. This restocking includes limited edition white docks to complement the device. Moreover, Analogue has declared that new versions of the Pocket's operating system, OS 1.2, and 2.0, will be released before the festive season, with fresh features to enrich the user experience.

Despite this good news, there is a minor setback as the Pocket Adapter Set, previously slated for release within the year, has been delayed. The reason for the delay was not specified, but the company promises to keep customers informed about the new timeline.

Analogue has been in the spotlight for reviving classic gaming platforms through modern hardware. In May 2023, after a considerable hiatus, they broke their silence and confirmed the pre-order dates for the Analogue Duo system. This console, priced at $249 for pre-orders, is designed to support PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 games, including HuCards and CD titles. It also supports games made for the SuperGrafx system, which was limited in production and didn't see much success during its initial release.

Enhancing the gaming experience, the Duo supports original controllers and accessories, and it includes Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity options for modern wireless controllers. Additionally, a USB port is present for wired USB controllers. Through this multifunctional design, Analogue extends its reverence for the classics by maintaining compatibility with the original gaming hardware.

The Analogue Duo system piqued the interest of retro gaming circles back in October 2020. The console replicates the performance of the NEC PC Engine, also known as TurboGrafx-16 in North America, which debuted 1987. Despite fierce competition from contemporaries like SNES and Mega Drive, the PC Engine managed to capture the market, excelling in terms of sales in Japan and achieving iconic status with classic titles such as Splatterhouse and R-Type.

While sales performance in North America didn't meet expectations, the TurboGrafx-16 still maintains a cult following. Drawing upon the design of the original CD-based TurboDuo, the Analogue is keeping the spirit of the PC Engine alive with the Analogue Duo.

In tandem with the Duo, Analogue is releasing a specialized adapter to bridge its Analogue Pocket handheld system with the PC Engine/SuperGrafx HuCards and TG-16 TurboChips. Scheduled to launch in 2021, the adapter further expands the versatility of the Pocket and opens the door for gamers to enjoy a broader range of titles on the go.

The culmination of these developments marks an exciting time for dedicated fans of retro gaming, as Analogue maintains its promise to deliver nostalgic experiences with contemporary reliability and convenience. As the holiday season approaches, both the Analogue Duo and Pocket stand prepared to deliver entertainment that spans generations, just in time for those looking to rekindle their love for classic gaming or introduce a new generation to these timeless adventures.

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