Exploring the consequences of Star Wars Ahsoka finale's revelations on the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the notion of Force-sensitivity.

Sabine's New Powers, a Headache for Jedi: Fallen Order

We've arrived at the crossroads of "May the Force be with you" and "Hey, where did this Force come from?" courtesy of the latest Sabine Wren shenanigans. Last viewed in Star Wars' Ahsoka finale, she engaged in some epic lightsaber flying and Jedi-style high jumps — tactics usually reserved for those Force-sensitive types. Could someone have dabbled with the Star Wars cheat console?

Sabine’s sudden money moves would have turned the Empire and the Rebel Alliance green with envy. Exceptionally, these abilities surfaced during heightened emotional times - the prime, organic Berger fertiliser for Force abilities. Fascinatingly, Sabine, whose Force association has been persistently downplayed throughout her history, now wields 'The Force' to cater her whims. On her Force Resume, there were a few red flags, with both Kanan and Huyang batting down her candidacy for Jedi membership citing a "blocked" connection to the Force. Nevertheless, some unexpected intern got the role.

The essence of Ahsoka's narrative delightfully explores the idea that all sentient beings possess a connection to the Force. Alas, this inspiring theory rings an anxiety alarm for all dedicated players of a distinctly different Star Wars epic- Jedi: Fallen Order.

Our beloved Padawan, Cal Kestis, in Jedi: Fallen Order, daringly battles on a mission to restore his own faltering connection to the Force and shield a precious holocron loaded with the identities of Force-sensitive kiddos from Empire’s goon squad. The ambiguity that Ahsoka’s finale imprinted on this mission leaves players debating- if all are born Force-sensitive, isn’t the Holocron basically Star Wars’ version of a Yellow Pages?

Fundamentally, your take on this conundrum depends on your definition of 'Force-sensitive'. According to Jedi: Fallen Order, it embodies any creature that can naturally sense the Force's power. Many Star Wars entries have subtly hinted that while everything may be attached to the Force, not everything can harness this connection and obtain Force powers.

Contrary to conventional wisdom on Force abilities, Sabine managed to unlock hers after embarking on a season-long intense self-improvement stint. While Ahsoka Tano advocates comparing Force-sensitivity to "talent", she also reminds us that a Rocky-like training sequence can help the most Force-illiterate beings outsmart their inherent shortcomings.

Assuming prank calls aren't part of the Jedi way, the Holocron, meant to ensure the future of the Order, most likely contains the names of those who could accidentally trip over the Force because of their strong connection, but might never flex their powers sans the appropriate training. The Empire’s interest in it to supplement their cadre indicates it is unlikely that it merely lists every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a superficial connection to the Force.

However, Sabine's long-awaited Force flair and its certain implications for where the franchise might go next certainly packs a punch. Her unprecedented tapping into the Force in this manner adds an enthralling layer of complexity. The good news? Sabine’s arduous training convinces us that she's probably not positioned to ruin Cal's carefully laid plans. So don't fret, Cal’s dual journeys in Fallen Order and Survivor are safe, and may the Force be with the third Cal Kestis game, now officially confirmed!

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