A Highland Song on the Nintendo Switch captures Scotland's raw beauty and combines it with a young girl's adventure in finding herself amidst mystic folklore and challenging terrain.

A Highland Song: A Journey of Self-Discovery

A Highland Song is a distinct example of how a video game can transcend mere entertainment to provide a window into a country’s soul while indulging the player in an emotionally engaging journey. Developed by Inkle, known for their deep storytelling, the game plants players into the rugged wilderness of Scotland's highlands through the eyes of a runaway teenager named Moira.

Scotland, despite its frequent depiction in various media, often falls victim to clichéd representations. A Highland Song sidesteps this by showcasing the highland's natural beauty and avoiding worn stereotypes. In a narrative driven by Moira's personal growth and the goal to reach her uncle's lighthouse by Beltane, the game trades typical gaming tropes for a more personal and introspective experience.

Moira's journey is physically demanding and symbolically reflective of her inner quest. With neither the experience nor the equipment of an expert climber, the challenge set before her is steep. As she makes her way through the picturesque yet treacherous terrain, every cliffside tackled, and each perilous descent exposes the fragility of her determination, represented by a health bar that diminishes with every scrape and fall or a night spent without proper shelter.

The game ingeniously simulates intricate pathways across mountains that Moira must traverse. Players find maps to hidden shortcuts, conduct a sort of cartographic puzzle-solving to align their current vista with the landmarks on these partial guides, and make strategic choices to conserve Moira's energy and health. The game's difficulty settings are deceptively unforgiving, creating tension and the protective instincts familiar to anyone who has cared for a youngster in over their head.

Yet, the game's heart beats strongest in its narrative. Inkle has a propensity for weaving stories filled with intrigue and emotion, and A Highland Song seems poised to satisfy on this front. Through the various collectible maps and treasures, we get hints of secret messages and concealed items laid by unknown travelers, sparking our curiosity. But the game keeps its secrets close, not fully unraveling the narrative threads it teases the player with.

Despite any consequences seemingly absent from Moira's hasty departure, the game continues to enchant through her perspective. Her journey is not just geographical but cultural, with Scottish folklore embedded in the essence of the experience. The mystical elements of the game emerge in Moira's run-ins with folkloric entities and lend a whimsical quality to the otherwise stark realism of her traverse.

Repeated playthroughs are encouraged as the game adapts and expands with each new attempt. With every run, Moira becomes more adept, the mountains remember the shortcuts and passes she found, and bits and pieces of story come together to form a bigger picture of the reasons behind her flight from home. However, the need to repeat segments can become wearisome, proving the balance between mystery and monotony a fine line to walk.

The game begs the question of what could be improved with a touch more guidance or variation early on. Each ascent through the Scottish highlands should feel unique, yet the inevitable repetition can dull the sparkle of discovery.

A Highland Song combines the tradition of a travelogue with personal metamorphosis. It meticulously crafts an experience wrapped in the lore and landscape of Scotland while exploring the universal aspects of teenage rebellion and the search for identity. With every rise and fall of Moira's path, the game mirrors her struggles with our own - the push for independence, the allure of the unknown, and the enduring power of myth woven through the land. As Moira's story unfolds and intertwines with the rich tapestry of her environment, players are offered a journey that is as arduous as it is rewarding, a climb that, just like in real life, is never truly the same twice.

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