The Final Fantasy-Castlevania crossover JRPG of 2022, Astlibra Revision, is making its way to Nintendo Switch. This underappreciated gem is offering a narrative and combat system that's simply unforgettable.

Astlibra Revision: The Underappreciated JRPG Coming to Switch

Last year, in the realm of role-playing games (RPGs), an unpredictable and unconventional gem emerged. Astlibra Revision, the weirdest and arguably one of the finest Japanese RPGs of 2022, has left an indelible mark on those brave enough to venture into its world. Almost a year after completion, the game continues to resonate like a stubbornly wedged pickaxe rather than a fleeting catchy tune. The tough-to-pronounce RPG is slated to release on Nintendo Switch on November 16, opening its mind-boggling narrative and combat system to a wider demographic.

Astlibra Revision is a 2D side-scrolling action JRPG and explaining it beyond this is a challenge. It's a concoction of wildly contrasting elements, with certain aspects that are extraordinarily brilliant that they compensate for some less impressive portions. Thanks to its verified status for the portable Steam Deck, the game’s release on the handheld Nintendo Switch is something fans eagerly anticipate.

Astlibra Revision is visually striking, although it offers varied results. Aspects like the weapons, armor, enemy sprites, and character illustrations are creatively designed. The game presents its levels with an old-school charm that reminds one of the beautiful chaos of a breaded and deep-fried NES game.

The game weaves an intriguing plot that effortlessly traverses timelines and genres. Despite the presence of some cheesy scenes and predictable plot twists, the game manages to captivate players through its absurdity. It makes players emotionally invested in the characters and keeps them on their seats anticipating how the story will wrap up.

The combat system is a notable highlight of Astlibra Revision's eclectic gameplay elements. Despite this being a role-playing game, activity doesn't stop at character development. Players can overpower their characters, transforming them into impregnable fortresses spewing magical attacks. The range and style of weapons is commendable, and the game sports a number of diverse elemental summons, encouraging players to continuously experiment in different settings and boss fights.

Astlibra Revision is a unique experience that one needs to witness firsthand. Its unorthodox approach extends beyond its narrative and combat, into areas such as crafting, skill trees, vendors, armor mechanics, and difficulty adjustments. Astlibra Revision is priced at $24.99, and a pre-order discount is available on the Switch till November 15.

In essence, Astlibra Revision is an experience well worth its price. If you're uncertain, give the Steam demo a go. It's a game that deserves to be in the spotlight for 2023, alongside other prominent JRPGs. So, prepare to dive into the weirdly wonderful world of Astlibra Revision and tame the absurdity that awaits.

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