After being acquired by Rockstar Games, the noteworthy roleplay mod team behind GTA 5 is clamping down on copyright compliance, causing a ripple effect through multiple gaming servers.

Roleplay Mod Team of GTA 5 Strictly Enforces Copyright, the team that created some of the most popular roleplay mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) and Red Dead Redemption 2, is taking copyright compliance to a new level after being acquired by Rockstar Games. While some gamers are objecting, many empathize with the modders, understanding the need for such restrictions.

Recently, in a community update,, known for producing FiveM and RedM – mods that allow playing multiplayer on personalized, dedicated servers – expressed that merely substituting the logo on real-world cars in the game isn’t enough for intellectual property (IP) compliance. Instead, any vehicles resembling their real-world counterparts will be eradicated due to the new Platform License Agreement (PLA).

The statement from declares that while "de-badging" vehicles may seem enough, it doesn't guarantee the server's complete compliance with PLA. All real-world vehicles must be removed from the server. They warned against using custom assets or mods that breach third-party IP, including real-world brands, distinctive vehicle designs, and 3D software models, typically safeguarded under trademark or copyright laws. They stressed that stealing a real-world car model from another game without permission could prompt claims against the server from both the car company and the game developer.

Nevertheless, isn't demanding all personalization to stop. Instead, they're encouraging the community to get creative, designing their unique vehicles and brands. They suggested that even though this directive likely applies to any IP violation, cars' popularity among FiveM servers compelled the current focus on vehicles.

The decision has understandably caused some ripples in the community. While many sympathized with for adopting these necessary measures, others were unhappy, especially those who had been paying for using certain vehicles in the game. However, others have been quick to point out that such copyright issues have always been frowned upon and were expected to surface at some point, given previous actions taken by Take-Two Interactive (T2) before the acquisition. is also clear about not supporting the import of maps from other games like GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption, or any other game into their servers. The community is encouraged to create custom versions of the world in GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2—not to mix assets from different games, irrespective of the developer.

Since Rockstar Games announced its partnership with in August, the gaming community has been imagining what this could mean for future games like GTA 6. For now, though, one thing is clear: don't expect to see any realistic replicas of Mercedes-Benz or other real-world cars in the realm of GTA 5 roleplay mods. The intricate world of modding continues to evolve, testing the boundaries of creativity and IP compliance.

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